Soccer wearable technology


Lately, I have been looking into ways to up my soccer game. I feel that I am not improving. I took it upon myself to make it one of my 2018 goals. How can I measure such progress? Do I rely on my feelings? Did not get tired until the game ended? Scored x goals? Feel faster? Lost weight?

I need someone to watch me. I need someone to time my sprinting speed. I am pretty sure I cannot convince anyone to come to my pickup or Microsoft Soccer League games just to gather statistics about me. I guess only technology will save me. Here is what I found for measuring my soccer game:

  • Zepp

Zepp is a small devise that you wear on your shin. It will give you rough stats on your kicks, distance run, speed, and some other minor stats. Speed and distance is an important metric to up my game, so I was interested in Zepp. (Will definitely get it for my kid if he is interested in soccer)

  • Adidas miCoach

Smart ball from Adidas! Who does not want that? It is perfect to work on your knuckle ball kick, curve, and power kicks.

  • Playertek

This is just a GPS tracker as far as I can tell. It is used by professional soccer players. A little pricey. But I believe it give more accurate results than Zepp.


Hope you enjoyed this post. Please let me know what you think, or if you have other products @_ferasd on twitter.




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